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Why Wellness Blend Is The Best For Immune Support, Colds and Flu - Essential Candy

Why Wellness Blend Is The Best For Immune Support, Colds and Flu

Why Wellness Blend Is The Best For Immune Support, Colds and Flu

It was during the initial onset of the pandemic that I created the original Wellness Blend containing Elderberry and Lemon. We had attended some festivals and some people that came to our booth were looking for candy that could support their immune systems. After extensive research, I wanted to make this candy even more purposeful with a broad range of depth, flavor, and functional and wholesome ingredients. I then introduced the hard candy we have today that contains the added herbs, Schisandra Berry and Rosehips. Read on to discover how these can support the body.

Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra)

Elderberry Essential Candt

Dark purple berries belonging to the honeysuckle family grow heavily in Europe and can also grow in some zones within North America. Known to be used in tea or jam, these berries are fruity and pair even better with other culinary ingredients. Known as the top antiviral herb dating back to prehistoric times and was also used in elderberry-based medications in Ancient Egypt. Elderberry is known to help with symptoms of cold and flu, allergies, and sinus issues. “Research published in the Journal of International Medical Research suggests that when it’s used within the first 48 hours of the onset of symptoms, the plant may even help relieve and shorten the duration of cold and flu. For this reason, the government actually employed the use of elderberry to fight the flu during the 1995 Panama flu epidemic.” Elderberry contains quercetin (a plant pigment and flavonoid) antioxidants and is beneficial in supporting the immune system. 

Schisandra Berry (Schisandra Chinensis)

Schisandra Berry Essential Candy

Pronounced (Shish-on-dra). A deciduous tree bearing small clusters of white flowers and beautiful rich red berries. Typically known as the “five flavor berry”, covering the salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and pungent profiles from the various parts of the berry. A culinary delicacy, one needs to be certain to use it with the respect that this plant deserves. Known for centuries as a superfood, qi and life force energy, used purposefully in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). This berry is packed full of antioxidants; a true adaptogen, (to normalize and regulate) and can help with liver function, adrenal support, skin protecting, weight loss, and lowering of cortisol and menopause symptoms. After learning about Schisandra berry a couple of years ago, I wanted to find a way to incorporate this berry into my healthy hard candy especially when I discovered it can help with memory issues relating to Alzheimer's. A 2017 study found that Schisandrin B had a beneficial, positive effect on Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers determined that this was caused by Schisandrin B’s ability to block formation of excess amyloid beta peptides in the brain. These peptides are one of the components responsible for forming amyloid plaque, a substance found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease.”

Rosehip (Rosa Canina)

Rosehips Essential Candy

Can also be known as the dog rose. The development of this fruit from a rosebush comes after the petals fall off, a green ball fruit appears and it can eventually ripen to be that of rose hips in various colors. In the 1930s this fruit was made into a syrup due to its large quantity of Vitamin C and used to help people with scurvy (deficiency in vitamin C) because of the scarcity of fresh citrus fruit. It’s been used for centuries to help coughs, colds, and respiratory issues. Rose hip is also able to reduce chemotaxis, which is the transportation of immune cells into tissue. This serves as both an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive mechanism.” 

Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus Limon)

Lemon Essential Candy

Cold press extracted from the peel of the lemon is widely used in cooking to help with digestion. Lemon has been known to promote skin health from dullness to rejuvenating the cells making it appear less sagging and tired. Lemon oil is a wonderful boost for the body’s immune system. It further stimulates white blood cells, thus increasing your ability to fight off diseases. This oil also improves blood circulation throughout the body.” 

Overall, our new and improved Wellness Blend with Elderberry, Schisandra Berry, Rosehips and Lemon is sure to help support you along on your journey of health. My hope is that each piece of hard candy from the moment you place it in your mouth to approximately 5 - 7 minutes later you will find yourself savoring it until the end tasting each of the complex flavors throughout. If you haven’t yet tried this healthy immune-supporting blend, you can find it here:

Disclaimer: Our candy is intended to complement a healthy lifestyle and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.


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