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A Mindful Start To A New Year - Essential Candy

A Mindful Start To A New Year

When one thinks about the start of a new year, they often think of New Year’s Resolutions. The idea of starting a resolution can bring some anxiety to some especially if previous experiences in making them has rendered them not successful. When the goal of change is too large or there are too many of them, the success of achieving them is not great. It doesn’t inspire the sense of achievement if one doesn’t complete it or in other words, it’s too big and they quit. What about trying a different approach to achieving success in the changes you want to see? I invite you to read on and discover a more loving and kind approach to self-awareness and personal growth achievement.

If your goal or resolution is to lose weight, for example, this goal can seem daunting and perhaps too big to tackle. What about changing the language and begin the entire process by breaking it down into segments? I would recommend getting out a journal or spiral notebook and write down the areas you want to change in order to lose weight. Go with me here, a short couple of sentences written down will help you to see the areas and reflect later on so the celebrations can be had. Yes! Celebrations are important. Do one segment at a time until you feel you can successfully move on to the next. Often people will change their diet, start an exercise program and begin a meditation and journaling component all at once. This is too big! Pick one and do it successfully for a period of time, then add in the next one and so on. Let’s choose the meditation segment, I’ll start you off with a suggestion or two. How do you meditate if you’ve never done it, one recommendation would be to research YouTube for guided meditations. You may need to hear a few and choose the one that is short and preferably one that you like his or her voice. If you aren’t a fan of guided meditations, then I would recommend this one by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Once you find one you liked and have some success maybe then you can build upon your space by adding a comfortable cushion, some crystals to help with chakra balancing, a cool mist diffuser to add your favorite essential oils, setting the tone with lavender or sandalwood, learning about affirmations and positive thinking and so on. This segment alone can seem daunting if you had to research all this along with nutrition plans and what exercise program to do. Set yourself up for success by breaking it down, even if you break it down hour by hour. Invoke love and kindness every step of the way. When things get too big, break it down further. Go back to your notes and change the length of time you set to complete it. It’s better to accomplish it even if it takes longer than to give up and not complete it at all. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and get it done first thing. Your brain will be happier and your successes will soar. Stay with it and remember You’ve Got This!

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