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April 2021 Candy of the Month - Ginger Green Tea Blend - Essential Candy

April 2021 Candy of the Month - Ginger Green Tea Blend

Raise A Healthy Hard Candy For April

April is this Founder’s favorite time of the year. Partly due to the beginning of Spring and the weather warms from dreary cold and flowers bloom but also because it’s my birthday month. I have always loved celebrating and honoring my birthday with my family and friends. The year that the pandemic was in full effect was the year that a lot of people celebrated virtually or spent time quietly. This year, however, is a milestone birthday and one that I’ve recognized as a gift. I am grateful that I have made it to 50 years young. I started a business in my late 40’s and during the unknown state of the world that was 2020, we are pushing forward with such tenacity of grit and determination to continue to help as many people as we can. I am grateful for my husband and his reminders of how beautiful and loved I am; everyday. I am grateful to be working on self-care; my yoga practice, remembering the milestones, the joys, the connections I am making everyday in raising our dynamic children together. Let's raise a glass...a cup of, I mean, a healthy organic hard candy that is Ginger Green Tea Blend, our Candy of the Month for April. 

Did You Forget Something?

Ginger is AMAZING! You can put ginger in a curry, or a smoothie or even in a healthy organic hard candy. Yes, the benefits of Ginger (Zingiber Officinale) are substantial. We know that ginger helps to relieve nausea from an upset stomach to motion sickness and every reason in between. But did you know that it also can help with memory? I began the personal mission of researching the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease due to it causing the demise of my grandfather and my father-in-law and came across the benefits of Ginger. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of ginger is key to keeping healthy including Turmeric as shown in the article in Journal of Toxicology with co-author Ayodele Jacob Akinyemi. If the pairing of Ginger Green Tea doesn’t suit you, Essential Candy also has two other delicious blends that has Ginger; Digestive (Lemon, Ginger, Peppermint) and one that also combines many other antioxidants as well. Baja (Lemon, Ginger, Black Pepper, Turmeric and cayenne).

Did You Know This About Green Tea?

Green Tea is a mild stimulant from naturally occurring caffeine and is harvested for its many benefits including polyphenols (natural compounds to reduce inflammation and help to fight cancer) Caffeine along with the brain-boosting amino-acid, L-theanine, both are shown to help various brain functions including mood and memory and may help to induce relaxation. Learn more about the benefits of Green Tea.

As we enter into the fourth month of 2021, take some time for yourself and find the joy in the things that you do. I’m going to enjoy my 50th birthday and our healthy organic hard candy that tastes like I’ve slowed down enough to make and enjoy a cup of Ginger Green Tea, all individually wrapped and can be taken everywhere I go, without the worry of spilling the delicate and hot liquid. 

Remember to get your very own healthy hard candy bag of our new Ginger Green Tea Blend, only available for the month of April. Be Well and Stay Sweet 😋

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