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Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams - Keep Moving Forward - Essential Candy

Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams - Keep Moving Forward

Freedom - It's Time To Break Free

As the founder of Essential Candy, I have been given my purpose: to create a healthy candy. What I have discovered during the many times I have spent in quiet solace be that on my bicycle on that first spiritual introduction to creating gourmet hard candies to the many times that have followed since. I know that He is there, I know that I have been given a direct connection to source and my inner being is knowing and trusting. I have experienced many inspirations and have listened and fulfilled them and I feel I’m doing the work I am meant to be doing here in this life.

The people that I meet at every festival, green market, and cancer support meetings remind me of the reason I continue to strive to work diligently and effectively to bring a natural candy to market and ultimately to reach more people to help. 

All days do not feel like sunshine and rainbows I will say. As a Mum to a Junior in high school and an almost teenager, my life is very busy. Shopping, prepping, cooking healthy meals daily, cleaning, driving to and from school, sports practices and games, DECA and a club my daughter started this year called Chronic Illnesses Alliance, homeschooling my son, maintaining quality family time, connecting with friends, cycling and yoga, and running a business! By the end of my workday yesterday at 9 pm and after a long candy cooking session, making our favorite Clarity Blend (lemon, peppermint and rosemary essential oils) and New Day Blend (peppermint and tangerine) that rendered our quality control to discard all the product I felt many natural emotions come to surface all at once. I will admit to you here and for those that know me, I am one to see the positive in situations and people this certainly was a contrast. I felt exhausted, defeated, frustrated and sad. I shared with the ones that love me the most; my husband (and business partner; Dean), my son and daughter words that felt so heavy in my heart at that moment “I feel like I’m not giving 100% of my intended efforts to all these areas and it shows; things are falling through the cracks and I’m not feeling successful.” On my very next exhale a tear slipped out. My husband had been looking at our website and at this exact moment a review came in about one of our Signature Blends. “I just want to say your candies are so amazing and to never give up and may God bless you guys and your candy.” The tears continued to flow as I realized that here was God speaking directly using this customer to transmit it to me. Keep working hard and don’t give up!

Anytime you are faced with challenges, keep moving forward and don’t give up on your dreams.

Much love to you all,

~ Tracy

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