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Giving Back To Our Heroes - Essential Candy

Giving Back To Our Heroes

Giving Back To Our Heroes

We are all currently undergoing unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges we haven’t faced before and ones many of us weren’t prepared for. It has greatly impacted families financially, it has resulted in the scarcity of every-day necessities, it has prevented us from being with friends and family, and it has changed the way we all live in everyday life. But even in trying times such as these, humans have the innate ability to rise above and fight against adversity. Many people have stepped forward to help the rest of us get through this. They have given us support, solace, and most importantly hope. Call it empathy, call it selflessness, call it bravery. We call it heroism.

Essential Candy Nominate A Hero

A hero can be a healthcare worker, first responder, frontline worker, teacher, or someone you feel has made a difference. But what separates them from the rest of us is their conviction to help others in any way they can. This pandemic has brought many difficulties but it has also allowed us to see and truly appreciate the many heroes that walk among us. At Essential Candy, our mission is about giving hope by giving back, and we want to give back to the heroes who have been inspiring us through their self-sacrifice and providing us all with hope. But we need your help.

Nominate A Hero

Through our Nominate A Hero campaign, you can nominate someone who has been a hero during these trying times and we will do our part by sending them a free bag of our healthy Uplifting Blend hard candy. All you have to do to help us make this happen is: 

  1. Like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram.
  2. Share a short video telling us who you’re nominating and why. On Facebook, post on your feed and tag @essentialcandies, and on Instagram, you can do a feed post or a story post and tag @essentialcandy.
  3. Send us a message or DM with the person’s full name and address, and we’ll send them the bag directly.

The Nominate A Hero campaign will last until the end of May. Thank you for helping us show our heroes how much they mean to us! 


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