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New at Essential Candy - Candy of the Month - Essential Candy

New at Essential Candy - Candy of the Month

February 2021 Candy of the Month - Happy Heart Blend

Each month we’ll be making available a new healthy hard candy blend for our fans to try, or bringing back a favorite for the month only. The organic hard candies will be individually wrapped as usual and will be lovingly placed in a generic bag with a zip closure. The feedback we get on the blends we offer can also help us to see whether the blends join our plethora of our Signature Blends for purchase all year long. Without further ado, introducing the first blend for 2021: 

Happy Heart (Sweet Orange and Cinnamon Bark)

Happy Heart Blend Orange Cinnamon Hard Candy Essential Candy

How Happy Heart Blend Began

This blend was created during the first 6 months of operation. We went to festivals and farmer’s markets and introduced many of our blends we currently have for purchase today. As we discovered, the Happy Heart blend wasn’t met with the enthusiasm we initially thought it would. I went back to the drawing board, played and had so much fun! I completed even more research on the benefits of sweet orange AND cinnamon bark and we felt it purposeful to re-introduce it during the month of February. Both of these organic essential oils can help the challenges of the heart; The month of LOVE and connecting with people we love and care about (Happy Heart Blend makes the perfect Valentine's Day gift too).

What’s in it? Benefits?

The citrusy, fresh, invigorating Orange is said to also help to relieve stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia and heartburn. When feeling underproductive or a lack of creativity, this essential oil of Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) is the one to seek out and it’s the first your tastebuds will discover the moment it hits your tongue.

As we know from the benefits of Essential Oils, certain plants are used as a medicinal measure due to the antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. The benefits of Cinnamon bark have been found to help reduce blood pressure. 

Stressed? Try our Vegan Happy Heart Blend

We are finding during this unprecedented time more and more people are having a difficult time dealing with stress and feelings of being cooped up among other emotionally challenging times of the pandemic. 

Combining both Sweet orange and cinnamon (A fun fact is that Cinnamon Bark may enhance your romantic mood), not only recognizing the benefits but they taste delicious too. Curl up with your favorite person or enjoy an uplifting conversation with a loved one during the month of February. We hope you find the benefits of Happy Heart to bring you a little piece of joy.

After the tenacity and perseverance and making this blend as superb as possible, we’re super excited to share the re-introduction of our Happy Heart blend for the month of February only. So, try it again or for your first time and see for yourself, how flavorful this new recipe is. We’re sure we’ll find that this will make a comeback to be available all year long. You decide...

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