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Candy With A Purpose - Essential Candy

Candy With A Purpose

On this early, sunny Saturday morning, a previous customer walked up to Dean and me and asked him if he remembered her. His response was, “Yes, if I recall you purchased our healthy hard candy for your grown daughter.” We hear heartfelt and sometimes life-changing stories from people nearly every weekend but this one had me sobbing after she walked away.

She began by saying “my daughter fought cancer and passed away two weeks ago. I’m happy you’re here and that I found you because I wanted to tell you that the Uplifting Blend essential oil candy I bought helped her when nothing else would. She was being nourished by tubes but she wanted something she could find soothing to her palate and help her anxiety.” The woman said in her final days that she went with peace and was ready to go. She thanked us for the orange and lavender candy and for helping calm her daughter’s last few weeks.

As I listened to her brave and courageous words re-telling what must be the hardest most difficult thing a parent can go through, I am grateful she felt safe to share this tender time with us. May she rest comfortably in peace.

With Love

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