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Essential Candy Unveils Innovative Curb AM and Curb PM Blends – Aiding to Curb Food Cravings with Nature's Goodness - Essential Candy

Essential Candy Unveils Innovative Curb AM and Curb PM Blends – Aiding to Curb Cravings with Nature's Goodness


Wellington, FL – Essential Candy, a trailblazer in the functional confectionery industry, is thrilled to introduce its latest creations, Curb AM and Curb PM blends. Designed to support individuals in curbing cravings throughout their daily routines, these innovative hard candies bring a delectable fusion of nature's potent botanicals to the forefront.

Curb AM Blend™: A Morning Ritual Reinvented

Kickstart your day with the invigorating Curb AM Blend™, a meticulously crafted fusion of Dandelion Root, Schisandra Berry, Dill, Black Pepper, and Peppermint. This blend is to enrich morning routines by aiding in curbing cravings. This hard candy is not just a treat; it's a supportive companion to support focus and promote mindful choices. It is meant to be taken at the onset of a craving.

Curb PM Blend™: Unwind and Indulge in Nature's Goodness

As the day winds down, unwind with the exquisite Curb PM Blend™. Featuring Dandelion Root, Celery, Black Pepper, and Cayenne, this hard candy is thoughtfully curated to support individuals in curbing afternoon or evening cravings while promoting well-being. It's a delightful addition to evening rituals, offering the incredible benefits of each organic ingredient in a delectable form. It is meant to be taken at the onset of a craving.

"Curb AM and Curb PM is not just about satisfying cravings; it's about supporting you on your journey towards a more healthy and mindful living,” stated Tracy Ernst, Founder of Essential Candy. “We believe in the power of nature's goodness to support the body while embracing a path to wellness, one delicious blend at a time."

Essential Candy encourages individuals to join the movement towards a healthy lifestyle by incorporating Curb AM and Curb PM blends into their daily routines. Elevate your well-being with these hard candies that aim to bring joy to flavorful moments and success in curbing cravings naturally.

About Essential Candy:

Founded by Tracy Ernst in 2019, Essential Candy is a certified woman-owned business committed to offering functional confectionery options that support individuals in their wellness journeys. The company believes in the power of nature's goodness by infusing functional plants into hard candies to support the body and promote well-being. Their hard candies are made organic ingredients, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and free from artificial additives and preservatives. Essential Candy is dedicated to helping individuals and donates to various non-profit groups through its Candy With A Purpose mission. For more information, please visit

For media inquiries, please contact:

Dean Ernst

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Essential Candy Curb AM and Curb PM

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