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Our 'Get One Give One' Mission

We are 'Candy with a Purpose'

Essential Candy Cancer Support

Essential Candy® is more than just a healthy hard candy company, our mission is about giving back to those dealing with cancer. Everything we do, we lead with our hearts. Our goal is to help those either dealing with this disease, the conquerors that have won their own personal battles, or the many caregivers helping every day.

Your Purchase Is Helping In The Fight Against Cancer

For every bag purchased, we donate a bag of our healthy hard candies to various cancer support groups and individuals going through chemotherapy treatments. This is our 'Get One Give One' mission. Even if for a single moment our "little piece of joy" candies brings comfort and happiness, we consider this a victory against cancer. We are 'Candy with a Purpose.'

Essential Candy® is proud to support the following cancer support groups and its members:


Christ Fellowship Cancer Support Group Cancer Alliance of Help and Hope The Gift of Hope Breast Cancer Support  Blessed Bag 


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