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About Essential Candy

Our Story

The story of Essential Candy® began with Tracy taking a quiet bike ride and having thoughts of a friend who was battling cancer in October 2018.

I was alone, pushing hard against the wind and questioning if I simply wanted to give up and turn around, when the vision of my friend appeared in my mind. While they were fighting a disease and unable to exercise, as many are who face similar challenges, how could I give up so easily?

Through tears I pushed through the blustery conditions wondering, "What can I do? How can I help my friend’s nausea, and the terrible taste in his mouth from repeated chemotherapy treatments?"

Suddenly in a moment of calm, I heard a voice that was loud enough for me to look around. “Make candies infused with essential oils,” it said. At first I made them just for my friend, but from his happiness the journey began of listening and being guided to help making 'Candy With A Purpose.'

~ Tracy Ernst, Founder

Our Candy

What makes Essential Candy® unique is the love we put into each and every piece. It all starts with the highest quality ingredients - simple and the way nature intended. From reverse osmosis water to natural organic plant botanicals, our ingredients remain true to their original source. 
Essential Candy nausea, allergies, stress, hard candy

Our essential oils and plant botanicals are harvested directly from growers around the world known for their expertise and masters at their craft. Oils are distilled from plants through low-heat steam distillation or an expression process, and are thoroughly tested to ensure purity, quality, effectiveness and the highest safety standards. We use strict protocols and essential oils that are allowed for human consumption. 

Our Candy Maker

Tracy Ernst Founder of Essential Candy

Those that have had the pleasure of meeting Tracy, know that she leads with her heart and has a passion for giving. Essential Candy® is not just a candy, it is a little piece of joy that combines the benefits of essential oils plus plants with a soothing flavor that can be enjoyed by all. It is about giving back and helping others. Our mission for Essential Candy® is to lead with our heart while spreading love and kindness.  

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