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About Essential Candy


The heartfelt journey of Essential Candy® was ignited by a single moment on a quiet bike ride back in October 2018. Tracy, the founder, found herself pedaling against the wind, questioning if she should turn back. But it was the memory of a friend battling cancer that kept her moving forward.

Amidst the relentless gusts of wind, Tracy couldn't help but think of her friend's struggle. While he fought valiantly against his illness, many facing similar challenges endure the discomfort of nausea and the lingering, unpleasant taste from repeated chemotherapy treatments.

As tears welled up in her eyes, Tracy pondered, "What can I do to help ease my friend's suffering?" It was during this profound moment of reflection that something extraordinary happened. In a sudden instance of calm, she heard a voice that seemed to echo from within and all around her. It was a voice clear enough to make her stop and look around.

"Make candies infused with essential oils," the voice declared. Initially, these candies were crafted solely for the comfort of her friend. However, the remarkable transformation she witnessed in her friend's well-being became the catalyst for a remarkable journey—a journey centered on a singular mission: "Candy With A Purpose."

Thus, Essential Candy® was born from the depths of compassion and a profound desire to make a difference in the lives of those who face adversity.

~ Tracy Ernst, Founder


Essential Candy nausea, allergies, stress, hard candy

What sets Essential Candy® apart is the unwavering dedication and care infused into each and every piece of our candy. Our journey begins with a commitment to the purest, highest-quality ingredients—simple and true to nature's intent.

From the crispness of reverse osmosis water to the essence of natural, organic plant botanicals, our ingredients remain faithful to their origins. We believe that the secret to exceptional candy lies in maintaining the integrity of these natural elements.

Our essential oils and plant botanicals are carefully sourced from esteemed growers around the world, revered for their expertise and mastery of their craft. The oils are meticulously extracted from plants through the gentle processes of low-heat steam distillation or expression, preserving their inherent goodness.

Prior to earning a place in our creations, each essential oil undergoes rigorous testing to ensure not only its purity but also its quality, efficacy, and adherence to the highest safety standards. We adhere to stringent protocols, using only essential oils that meet the exacting standards for human consumption.

Moreover, we take pride in our commitment to transparency and safety. Essential Candy® is a licensed and inspected facility, accredited by the Florida Department of Agriculture. We undergo thorough 3rd-party testing to guarantee the utmost quality and safety of our products. Furthermore, we are an FDA registered facility, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest industry standards.

At Essential Candy®, we believe that every piece of candy is an embodiment of our commitment to excellence and a testament to our dedication to crafting treats that are not only delicious but also genuinely beneficial.


Tracy Ernst Founder of Essential Candy

Tracy, the creative force behind Essential Candy®, is not just a candy maker; she's a heart-driven visionary with an unwavering passion for giving back. Those fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Tracy recognize that her journey is guided by a profound sense of purpose and an innate desire to spread joy.

With Essential Candy®, Tracy has sculpted more than just confectionery; it's a little piece of joy, a delightful fusion of the holistic benefits of essential oils and the soothing embrace of plants, crafted to be savored by all. Her creations aren't merely candies; they are vehicles of comfort, wellness, and a touch of happiness.

What sets Tracy apart is her diverse background. She's a culinary artist, honing her craft through culinary school, and a certified yoga instructor with over 15 years of dedicated practice. This unique blend of expertise underscores her commitment to holistic well-being and the belief in the transformative power of plants.

Being a vegetarian herself, Tracy wholeheartedly believes in the profound potential of plants. It's this belief that infuses every candy with not just flavor but also a touch of nourishment, a reminder that nature's gifts can bring wellness and delight in equal measure.

At the core of Tracy's mission with Essential Candy® is an unwavering dedication to leading with her heart, embodying love, and spreading kindness far and wide. Her vision extends beyond candy—it's about making the world a little brighter, one sweet moment at a time.

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