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Get Well / Support Seasonal Discomfort Bundle

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Introducing Our Get Well Functional Hard Candy Bundle

When you or a loved one is feeling under the weather, a little sweetness can go a long way in lifting spirits and promoting well-being. Our Get Well Functional Hard Candy Bundle is thoughtfully crafted to bring comfort, refreshment, and a burst of natural goodness during recovery. This delightful bundle features three unique blends that are designed to soothe, energize, and rejuvenate.

1. Wellness Blend - Elderberry, Schisandra Berry, Lemon, and Rosehips Boost Your Immunity Naturally

Our Wellness Blend hard candies are a natural support for wellness. Packed with immune-enhancing organic ingredients with Elderberry and Schisandra Berry, these candies are a tasty way to support your body's defenses. The zesty notes of Lemon and the subtle sweetness of Rosehips make this blend a comforting treat during the healing process.

2. Clarity Blend - Lemon, Lime, Peppermint, and Lavender Relieve sinuses, Soothe a Runny Nose and Promote Calm

When you're feeling a little stuffy, our Clarity Blend hard candies are here to provide relief. The zing of Lemon and Lime combined with the soothing qualities of Peppermint and Lavender help clear your airways, soothe a runny nose, and promote a sense of calm, making them an ideal choice for when you're feeling under the weather.

3. New Day Blend - Peppermint and Tangerine Throat Relief, and Open Airways

Start each day with a burst of fresh energy. The New Day Blend hard candies combine invigorating Peppermint with the sweet tang of Tangerine. Whether you're recovering from a sore throat or need relief from a stuffy nose, these candies will put a smile on your face and help you feel better one delicious candy at a time.

Why Choose Our Functional Hard Candy Bundle:

  • Made with organic ingredients, non-GMO, and gluten-free for a guilt-free treat.
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, because your health matters.
  • Suitable for vegans and those with dietary restrictions.
  • A thoughtful gift for anyone on the road to recovery or in need of a little TLC.
  • Perfect for soothing throats, relieving sinuses, opening the airways, uplifting moods, and boosting your overall well-being.

Treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of sweetness, wellness, and positivity with our Get Well Functional Hard Candy Bundle. Each candy is a small but mighty dose of natural goodness. Order now and start feeling better one delicious candy at a time.

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